Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado at Spruce Tree House

Spruce Tree House is a cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado.

Hoodoo Hiking at Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park

We are hiking at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah at Rainbow Point on the Bristlecone Trail.

Hiking Deer Mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Hiking Deer Mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

High Trestle Trail Art Bridge Woodward to Madrid Iowa

The High Trestle Trail Art Bridge

This trail and bridge over the Des Moines River between Woodward and Madrid, Iowa, is no boring hike — day or night!

Be sure to bring a flashlight if you walk it at night; the bicyclists sharing the paved walkway will appreciate it! Built on a former railroad line, the High Trestle Trail and bridge stay true to this central Iowa region’s heritage of rail and mining.

Yes, there is mining in Iowa!

The square steel frames over the bridge are arranged just so to give the illusion of a mine shaft. Lit up in blue lights at night, walking under the framework makes you feel a part of the art.  It’s an entirely different kind of blue-light-special.

This trail is definitely worth the trip!

Be sure you catch the end of the video — is that a train we hear, coming down the tracks?

The Mill At Spring Mill State Park In Indiana

Hiking to the Grist Mill at Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana. The water that runs the mill comes from an under ground cave, named Hahmer Cave.

Hiking To St Louis Canyon Starved Rock State Park

Hiking to St Louis Canyon at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois March 14 2012.

Hiking At Mammoth Cave National Park In Kentucky

Hiking at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

There are over 80 miles of hiking trails to explore at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Hiking To First Brides Grave In South Ravine Park

We went hiking to First Brides Grave on the trails in South Ravine Park . The park is in the Loess Hills of Sioux City, Iowa. A great place to go geocaching.

Find out more about Ydstoti Hiking and Loess Hills national treasure.

Hiking At Stone State Park In Iowa

Hiking at Stone State Park in Sioux City, Iowa fall of 2011. Picnic areas are located throughout the park and many offer beautiful views of the Loess Hills and surrounding area.

Geocaching Second Cache Found

Our second cache found out geocaching at Bacon Creek Park in Sioux City, Iowa. We used a Motorola Droid smartphone to locate the cache.