Hiking To First Brides Grave In South Ravine Park

We went hiking to First Brides Grave on the trails in South Ravine Park . The park is in the Loess Hills of Sioux City, Iowa. A great place to go geocaching.

Find out more about Ydstoti Hiking and Loess Hills national treasure.

Peacocks On The Backroads

Peacocks on the backroads of the Loess Hills In Iowa. You don’t see peacocks on the interstate!

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Hiking At Stone State Park In Iowa

Hiking at Stone State Park in Sioux City, Iowa fall of 2011. Picnic areas are located throughout the park and many offer beautiful views of the Loess Hills and surrounding area.

Loess Hills State Forest

Hiking in the Loess Hills State Forest in Iowa.

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Preparation Canyon State Park In Iowa

Driving through Preparation Canyon State Park in Iowa. The 344-acre Iowa state park is a remote and lovely area relatively untouched by humans. The park is located in the Loess Hills, surrounded by dramatic ridges on the north, south and west. It provides a beautiful backdrop for hikers and family picnics.

Mapleton Iowa Right Before Wedge Tornado – Loess Hills Drive Turns into Storm Cloud Watching

We were just going to go for a drive on the Loess Hills Scenic Byway. We ended up filming main street Mapleton, Iowa, an hour before it was hit with a devastating wedge tornado. (1:15 on the video.) We were right on the edge of the cloud line and knew enough that we were seeing something unusual. When we met storm chasers parked along the road, we knew we were in a potentially dangerous area. We stayed on the outside edge of the storm and never did witness any tornadoes or severe weather. We continued on the byway, stopping to eat at Michael’s in Onawa where we overheard some other diners’ phone conversations about the Mapleton tornado. We certainly weren’t planning to see such a show in the sky — we were just planning to go for a nice drive.