Ghost Hunting At The Stanley Hotel Caught EVP On one of our recent Y’dstoti adventures, we had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Stanley Hotel In Estes Park, Colorado. We took the 90-minute “Ghost and History Tour” in the afternoon to learn about the history of the hotel and the infamous Stanley brothers, inventors of the Stanley Steamer and much more. After a delicious and satisfying dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, we took out on our own to see what we could discover with our camera and video recorder. To our surprise, on the 4th floor, we do indeed capture a disembodied voice. Check it out at 2:07. You can clearly hear a voice saying “Help me.” I make the comment right after that — “I think I heard like younger voices.” At the time I couldn’t make anything out, but I had the impression of talking coming from the 4th floor hallway. See what you think!