Bull Elk Protecting His Harem Bugling Charging Crowd Estes Park Colorado 2012

This bull Elk had over 40 females in his harem, all on a green and fairway at the golf course in Estes Park by the Visitors Center. We all felt safe staying behind the split-rail fence along the walkway, but the Bull thought a couple of his ladies were getting a little too familiar and came charging at us. Fortunately he stopped at the fence because he certainly could have crossed it easily. The Bull bugling and marking his “territory” was certainly a sight to see! Nature up close and personal is quite interesting!

Bighorn Sheep Rock Climbing In Colorado

We spotted some rock climbing Bighorn Sheep on our way to Estes Park, Colorado.

Rock Climbing At Rocky Mountain National Park To Chasm Falls

The official map handed to us by the very pleasant Park Ranger at the Fall River Entrance Station on Colorado Hwy 34 is titled “Roaming the Rockies” – which of course we thought was a grand idea! Our 1930 Ford Model A street rod had adjusted to the mountain air and was ready to roll!

After checking out the map — like a good navigator should — we decided on our Y’dstoti route: Old Fall River Road. It was marked as unpaved, “one-way up only; closed in winter,” was nine miles long with falls, trails, and switchbacks. The perfect fall drive!

We couldn’t help stopping at Chasm Falls to do a little rock climbing and experience Rocky Mountain National Park up close and personal. Y’dstoti – its worth the trip!

In Case Of Fire At Stanley Hotel Manor House

Stanley Hotel Manor House in Estes Park,Colorado. In Case Of Fire

Ydstoti At The Stanley Hotel In Estes Park

Our stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Breathtaking mountain views, a history lesson that seems to come to life, and a bit of adventure are an enticing combination — you get all of the above when staying at the Stanley Hotel. My husband and I recently stayed at “The Stanley.” We had reserved a “historic room” but on our arrival were upgraded to a “deluxe king” which was divine. We were in room 232 in the main hotel, the room above the Music Room.

We love to stay in historical hotels, but one thing they all seem to share is lack of bathroom lighting and counterspace. The Stanley is no exception. Our bathroom was large with a nice showerhead on the tub/shower unit, and Archive brand toiletries — I adore the Green Tea & Willow soap. The wireless internet was extremely fast. StarBucks in the basement of the Hotel was perfect for grabbing a coffee and a treat to go. But, because of that and the Cascades Restaurant, there isn’t in-room coffee.

We did take the Historic Ghost and History Tour. Learning about the history of the hotel and the Estes Park area is worth the price; learning about the hotel’s ghostly history is interesting. We did a bit of our own investigating later in the evening and to our surprise “caught” a voice that neither of us heard. Very intriguing. (Its on our YouTube channel if you want to listen: YdstotiDotCom.)

Overall, we find the Stanley Hotel to be worth every penny. It is clean, has great service, is conveniently located to RMNP and Estes Park activities, and should be appreciated for the historic gem it is. We will be back.

Ghost Hunting At The Stanley Hotel Caught EVP

http://UN46D7000Samsung.com On one of our recent Y’dstoti adventures, we had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Stanley Hotel In Estes Park, Colorado. We took the 90-minute “Ghost and History Tour” in the afternoon to learn about the history of the hotel and the infamous Stanley brothers, inventors of the Stanley Steamer and much more. After a delicious and satisfying dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, we took out on our own to see what we could discover with our camera and video recorder. To our surprise, on the 4th floor, we do indeed capture a disembodied voice. Check it out at 2:07. You can clearly hear a voice saying “Help me.” I make the comment right after that — “I think I heard like younger voices.” At the time I couldn’t make anything out, but I had the impression of talking coming from the 4th floor hallway. See what you think!