Driving Across Conley’s Ford Bridge In Indiana

Driving across Conley’s Ford Bridge in Indiana. The covered bridge is 192′ in length and 12’6 in width with a weight limit of 6 ton it crosses the Big Raccoon Creek. Built of white pine in 1906, whereas many bridges in the county were built of poplar.

Driving Over Cox Ford Covered Bridge By Turkey Run State Park In Indiana


Cox Ford Covered Bridge in Indiana is 176′ in length and replaced an iron bridge destroyed by a flood in 1912. The bridge is just west of Turkey Run State Park. Crosses Sugar Creek.

Bridgeton Covered Bridge Rebuilt After Arson Fire

Bridgeton Covered Bridge in Bridgeton, Indiana was rebuilt after arson in 2006. The bridge is a double span of 245′ crossing the Big Raccoon River. Burr Arch construction.

Driving Across McAllister’s Covered Bridge In Indiana

Driving across McAllister’s Bridge in Indiana. The covered bridge is a 126′ in length and crosses the Little Raccoon Creek. Built in 1914 Burr Arch construction by J.A. Britton.