Durango & Silverton 486 Steam Engine Leaving the Train Station

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad 486 Steam Engine leaving the train station from Durango heading to Silverton, Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado at Spruce Tree House

Spruce Tree House is a cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park in southern Colorado.

Hiking to Eugenia Mine in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking to Eugenia Mine in Rocky Mountain National Park

We are hiking to the Eugenia Mine where there is the remains of an old miner’s cabin, tailings and old mining equipment in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Hiking Deer Mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Hiking Deer Mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Bull Elk Protecting His Harem Bugling Charging Crowd Estes Park Colorado 2012

This bull Elk had over 40 females in his harem, all on a green and fairway at the golf course in Estes Park by the Visitors Center. We all felt safe staying behind the split-rail fence along the walkway, but the Bull thought a couple of his ladies were getting a little too familiar and came charging at us. Fortunately he stopped at the fence because he certainly could have crossed it easily. The Bull bugling and marking his “territory” was certainly a sight to see! Nature up close and personal is quite interesting!

Saint Malo Retreat Center A Chapel on A Rock

Saint Malo Retreat Center is a chapel on a rock in Colorado. In 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the chapel during his trip to Denver for the World Youth Day and bestowed his personal blessing on the chapel.

Skulls And Horns

We’ve seen boots on top of fence posts before, but never skulls and horns! That’s what we came across while we were on Highway 14 in Colorado. Is it art? Or maybe an original version of Burma Shave signs?! Regardless, it was a prime example of why we travel the backroads. Y’dstoti! It’s worth the trip!

Bighorn Sheep Rock Climbing In Colorado

We spotted some rock climbing Bighorn Sheep on our way to Estes Park, Colorado.

Rock Climbing At Rocky Mountain National Park To Chasm Falls

The official map handed to us by the very pleasant Park Ranger at the Fall River Entrance Station on Colorado Hwy 34 is titled “Roaming the Rockies” – which of course we thought was a grand idea! Our 1930 Ford Model A street rod had adjusted to the mountain air and was ready to roll!

After checking out the map — like a good navigator should — we decided on our Y’dstoti route: Old Fall River Road. It was marked as unpaved, “one-way up only; closed in winter,” was nine miles long with falls, trails, and switchbacks. The perfect fall drive!

We couldn’t help stopping at Chasm Falls to do a little rock climbing and experience Rocky Mountain National Park up close and personal. Y’dstoti – its worth the trip!

Driving Up Old Fall River Road In Rocky Mountain National Park

Driving up the Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
Opened in 1920, Old Fall River Road earned the distinction of being the first auto route in Rocky Mountain National Park offering access to the park’s high country. In the minds of many park visitors, the relatively subtle old route remains foremost. Unlike Trail Ridge Road, which is well known for being the highest continuous paved road in the nation, the Old Fall River Road is a much more “motor nature trail.”

Primarily gravel, one-way uphill and punctuated by switchbacks, slower-paced, 11-mile-long. The old road quietly leads travelers from Horseshoe Park (a short distance west of the Fall River Entrance) through the park’s wilderness to Fall River Pass, 11,796 feet above sea level. The journey to the alpine world at the top of Old Fall River Road is relaxing. The experience is one to be savored.