Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park in Kentucky

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  1. Teny says:

    My fondest choilhodd memories are growing up on Lookout Mountain in Sand Rock, Alabama. The man who owned what is now Cherokee Rock Village would take me and other neighborhood children to pick up rocks. The road to the top was not much wider than a trail. We would have a blast climbing the rocks (long before rock climbing became popular in these parts), and hiking the paths that overlooked Weiss Lake. Wow, is all I remember thinking! We managed to get a lot of work done too. Little River Canyon Mouth Park, Cashes Lake and Yellow Creek are other places where I spent hot summers swimming and exploring. I remember taking off with a few other friends to explore the falls at Yellow Creek around noon and not figuring out where we were at until well after dark. Our parents were upset but they knew we were okay and would find our way home or someone that knew the family. Young explorers were we!I have many great memories of where I grew up. It is truly a blessing to be connected to nature. My passion for the outdoors has led me to be an advocate for the environment. I now teach in the outdoors with an organization my husband founded in 2008. We get to help plant memories in children today or rekindle a fire in adults who have been disconnected from nature. I share my life with my husband Billy and three wonderful daughter’s, Haven, Caitlyn, and Ellie. We live a the foot of Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama. Our organization, One World Adventure Company is a grassroots 501(c)3 that provides Outdoor Education programs to local youth and families. Life is good! 4 months ago