Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Zombie? In Iowa?

On a recent visit to our attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, I asked if he could recommend a good home-grown place to grab some lunch in the nearby hip East Village. Without hesitation he replied, “Zombie Burgers.” Admittedly, I’m a bit out of the loop of all the recent fascination with vampire and werewolf lore, but visions of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video instantly came to mind.  Intriguing.  Roy and I decided we had to check it out.  Plus, we were dying of hunger.  Uh, not really…!

We didn’t get an exact address before we left, so we were counting on our technology to help us get there.  Unfortunately, the Garmin had no Zombie in it, nor did “Places” on my Droid.  So I Googled it and got the address:  300 East Grand Avenue.  Zombie on Grand!

Zombie goreMet Bashed Burgers

I love a place that knows how to carry out a theme.  And Zombie Burgers + Drink Lab does just that.  We were there just before noon on a Friday in May.  The Drink Lab side of the restaurant was already full so the very normal looking non-zombie hostess suggested we check out the “quick service Zombie Burger counter” on the opposite side of the restaurant.  We did just that.

There was a bit of a line, made up mostly of young, working professional-looking people.  Not Zombie-ish at all!   Strategically placed gray duct tape helped hold the menus on boards above the ordering counter.

We were actually glad to have a bit of time to read the menu, just to appreciate its cleverness.  Salads were labeled “soylent Greens” and “brain Freeze” — the Zombie version of milkshakes, of course!  The hand-pressed, er…bashed, burger patties come in single, double tap, or triple.  We decided to each get a single “goreMet bashed burger.”  Roy got the “Zombie Burger” which has American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Zombie sauce.  I got “Dawn of the Dead” — a burger topped with bacon, egg, American cheese, red onion, and mayo.  We got a fry basket of house cut fries and house-made dipping sauce.  Drinks were all one size which was convenient.  Who knew a Zombie could be so sensible?

I would rate our food as very good.  And I would definitely like to go back and try more things!  Like the “Frosted Flake Shake.”  How could that not be good?  Apparently the Drink Lab is known for their spiked milk shakes.  No wonder its a popular place with the East Village crowd!

Zombie Art

Original, colorful Zombie art hanging on the walls adds to the fun and helps carry out the theme.  The Zombie in the corner of the quick-service door was ready for any photo op, all decked out in his Zombie Burger cardigan.

The next time you’re in Des Moines, check out Zombie Burger + Drink Lab.  And if you have the Frosted Flake Shake, let me know how it is!  Eat with a Zombie…!