River Towns

Patti’s 1880′s Restaurant in Grand Rivers Kentucky

Lunch at Patti’s 1880′s Restaurant in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

Kentucky to Illinois Ohio River Ferry to Cave In Rock

Kentucky to Illinois Ohio River Ferry to Cave In Rock, Illinois.

This ferry is free to ride and runs daily.

Law Library in Iowa State Capitol Building

The Law Library at the State Capitol Building in Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa Governor is Terry Branstad.

Lock & Dam #12 at Bellevue Iowa on the Mississippi River

We watched an Ingram Barge Company tugboat pushing 12 barges into the #12 lock and dam on the Mississippi River at Bellevue, Iowa.

Amercan Pickers Frank Fritz Finds In Savanna Illinois

We stopped in Savanna, Illinois to check out Frank Fritz Finds. He has some items at the Pulford Opera House antique store on main street that he found on the road with American Pickers.

Hiking To First Brides Grave In South Ravine Park

We went hiking to First Brides Grave on the trails in South Ravine Park . The park is in the Loess Hills of Sioux City, Iowa. A great place to go geocaching.

Find out more about Ydstoti Hiking and Loess Hills national treasure.

Meadville A Nebraska Ghost Town

Meadville Ghost Town
We were excited to see a ghost town listed near our backroads route in north central Nebraska. Our AAA map listed it under “Historic.” The map showed the ghost town of Meadville located on the Niobrara River, but no road to the north; we decided to embark on a bit of a side-trip adventure anyway. We’re always up for that! After a few miles of gravel road and some beautiful fall foliage, we crossed a brand new bridge — which was a pleasant surprise since our map didn’t show that detail.

About a half mile further, we located the “historic ghost town.” The General Store is open daily at noon. We were there mid-morning so there was no one around. Meadville’s main building is the Post Office/General Store which was restored 15 years ago. There are three other buildings on the property — a storage building, a house that appears to have been moved in, and an authentic log cabin that seems to be original to the town.

A bit disappointing, but we didn’t talk to anyone about the history so perhaps there is more than meets the eye or some grand plans in the works. It did look as though we missed quite a party — there were beer bottles and bags — and more bags — of beer cans. Perhaps that is their fundraising method for future improvements!

For this backroads trip, however, we have to say it was not worth the trip. The only spirits we found evidence of are those that come in a brown bottle!

Driving Through Downtown Galena, Illinois

Driving through downtown Galena, Illinois past the historic DeSoto House Hotel.

Historic Main Street Madison Indiana

Driving historic Main Street and the Ohio River front in Madison, Indiana. Madison is located on the Ohio River Scenic Byway in Southern Indiana.