Patti’s 1880′s Restaurant in Grand Rivers Kentucky

Lunch at Patti’s 1880′s Restaurant in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant In Urbandale Des Moines Iowa

Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale – Des Moines, Iowa.

A place we go at least once a year, the Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant is always busy and always good food.

The Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant Motto

“Dedicated to the American Farmer” is the five-word constitution of the Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant. The sign above the front entry explains to those who might not get it: “Farming is Everyone’s Bread and Butter.”

Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant: Good Farm-Fresh Food

Founded in Davenport, Iowa, the Machine Shed Restaurants are also found in Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Read more about Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant in Melanie’s Blog.

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Zombie Burger + Drink Lab Des Moines Iowa for Lunch

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines, Iowa for lunch.

Zombies in Iowa? Yes there are — and they’re delicious! Located in the trendy East Village, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab knows how to carry out a theme and serve good food. Clearly a popular lunch destination, our “goreMet” burgers were tasty and made from fresh ingredients. The menu offers burgers such as the traditional “Zombie burger” and others like the “Dawn of the Dead.” Salads, or “soylent greens” round out the menu along with a variety of special milk shakes. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is worth the trip!

The Flying Wienie in Cedar Rapids Iowa

The Flying Wienie in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

On a recent Y’dstoti adventure, we checked out a hot dog joint called “The Flying Wienie” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was easy to find, plus the yellow airplane on the roof did make it pretty visible a couple of blocks away.

We love finding a fun place to eat, especially when they know how to carry out a theme — and don’t take themselves too seriously. Plus have good food. The Flying Wienie did a pretty good job of filling that bill.

The Flying Wienie is a repurposed old gas station. Yes, the decor is a bit campy but that’s part of the fun. You can eat inside or outside. It was a gorgeous March day so we enjoyed sitting outside.

I had the Chicago dog and Roy had the chili dog. Both came with fries. Actually, everything comes with fries!

There was a picture on the wall showing the restaurant at the time of the 2008 Cedar River flood. It was good to see that they survived and appear to be thriving.

Broken Throttle Saloon In Whiting Iowa

Broken Throttle Saloon in Whiting, Iowa. Home of the Fat Boy. It’s a rare piece of artwork with only four being made in the entire United States, and one is right here in Iowa.”

“Oh my gosh… that is one big bike,” is the reaction from Pam Kendall, the bartender at the Broken Throttle Saloon in Whiting Iowa.

It stands almost 15 feet tall and 25 feet wide and it’s called the Gypsy Ride. About two months ago, the bike rolled into Whiting in bits and pieces and after 300 plus hours of work, it stands in all its glory outside the Broken Throttle Saloon.

Burger Bar On State Street In Bristol Virginia

Yes, that’s an egg on my burger. That’s a “BZ Burger” from the Burger Bar in Bristol, Virginia. Along with the cheese, onion, and “secret spice,” maybe this should be called a protein burger! Regardless, it was delicious. Add parmesan fries and a milkshake and its simply divine! Roy had a cheeseburger, fries and a shake to round out our meal. If we ate like this every day, we would be round!!

The recently restored diner is iconic burger joint. The staff made us feel like regulars, even though we were first-timers from Iowa. Whether you’re a country music buff, a race fan, or just another traveler, when you’re in Bristol, you really do need to check out the Burger Bar. It is worth the trip!

Hob-Nob Drive-In Diner Gate City Virginia

Hob-Nob Drive-In is a family owned drive-in diner restaurant a couple of miles southwest of Gate City, Virginia, on State Route 870. Located on the Daniel Boone Trail, this local favorite has a varied menu with thick shakes, burgers and dinner plates — plus some surprises like ostrich burgers. While we haven’t tried the ostrich burgers yet, the shakes and burgers are delicious — and worth the trip!

Lunch At Big Muddy’s Bar And Grill In Burlington Iowa

Lunch at Big Muddy’s Bar and Grill in Burlington, Iowa along the Mississippi River.