Baby Doves

Hi my name is Mackenzee and this is my first time blogging, and I hope you enjoy!

A few days ago, I came home from a birthday party. My sister Kalin and her friend Kaitlin saw that my cat Mittens, had knocked two baby doves out of their nest from a tree. Kalin and Kaitlin put them in a box and I carried them into our garage. I was getting worried so I texted my dad, and asked him to give them water or something like that! He put grass in it so they could stay warm.

The next day it was storming out. So when the rain stopped we opened our garage door, so they could fly out. The bigger dove, (we named it Pepper) flew out. But the smaller one, (we named it Freckles) stayed in the box. So we put it under our porch and went back inside. 20 minutes later we saw that Freckles flew out of the box. We found them snuggled together under the bush. Every once in a while I would crack open the door and check on them.

The next day we saw their mom feed them! I thought she wouldn’t come back to them. But she did. They haven’t moved from there area yet, but when they do, Mittens will get to go back outside!